Introduction to the DeskMan/2 Components

Thank you for buying DeskMan/2 Version 2.0, the most powerful and comprehensive suite of OS/2 productivity enhancement tools available.

DeskMan/2 consists of several components, which provide extremely powerful, versatile, and flexible tools to help you manage, customize, enhance, protect, and distribute your OS/2 desktop environment.

The DeskMan/2 component objects are in the DevTech folder, placed on your desktop when you install the programs. All of DeskMan/2's features are available through these objects:

Use the DeskMan/2 Installation Tool to install and remove the DeskMan/2 components.
Use PMImage to save and restore your computer's entire environment using a graphical interface.
Use DM/2 Image to save and restore your computer's entire environment using a command line interface.
Use DeskMan/2 Archive objects to save selected objects and your system settings and transport them to other systems.
Use the DeskMan/2 New Archive template to create additional archives.
Use the DeskMan/2 Standard Objects archive to recreate OS/2 standard objects, such as the OS/2 system folder and its contents.
Use the DeskMan/2 Black Hole to remove objects, including those the OS/2 Shredder cannot, such as desktops.
Use the DeskMan/2 Object Explorer to examine display and edit object attributes.
Use the DeskMan/2 Workplace Shell Extensions to control access to objects, archive them automatically, make them invisible, add and remove selected items from menus, open and close parent folders automatically, 
restart your Workplace Shell without shutting down, enable audit trails, and much more.
Use VUEMan/2 to create and manage Workspaces, control access to windows, execute scripts automatically on system startup or network logon, and much more.
Use the DeskMan/2 Presentation Manager Extensions to add shortcut menus and buttons to window title bars, add functions to the OS/2 Window List, enhance how your mouse works, and make menus easier to use.
Use the DeskMan/2 Command Line Interface to pass DeskMan/2 functions directly to objects and their settings.

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