How To Recreate a Deleted Object

A presumption of recreating most objects is that you first saved them using DeskMan/2. If you didn't save the object using DeskMan/2 before you deleted it, you cannot recreate it using DeskMan/2.

You can, however, recreate OS/2 standard objects such as the OS/2 on-line documentation, the OS/2 System folder, and its contents (i.e. the shredder, the startup folder, the drives object, etc.). Use the DeskMan/2 Standard Objects object to recreate any standard OS/2 object, using the below procedure:

To restore an object that was saved using DeskMan/2:

  1. Open the archive object in which the object was saved.
  2. Find the object you wish to restore.
  3. Open the object restore context menu and select the desired Recreate object option - Skip, Update, or Replace.
  4. DeskMan/2 will recreate the object from the saved information.

Remember, if you are restoring a printer object, DeskMan/2 doesn't save printer fonts or drivers. You may need to reload the drivers or fonts.


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