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Installing DeskMan/2 v2.0 is comparable to hiring an expert who manages OS/2®, and helps make users more productive. It knows how to customize, manage, enhance, protect, and distribute the OS/2 desktop environment to your exact requirements and specifications.

DeskMan/2 is integrated seamlessly into OS/2, and becomes part of the desktop environment. The result is the power to deliver exactly the desktop environment you want, with whatever extensions or restrictions you choose.

System Requirements: Compatible With-

  • OS/2 2.11
  • OS/2 Warp 3.0
    (including Warp Connect and Warp Server)
  • OS/2 Warp 4.0
Key Features:

Personal Desktop Facility- allows each user to have their own, completely separate, personal Workplace Shell desktop.

Configuration Image Facility- lets you take a complete snaphot of your OS/2 configuration. All of the important data that defines how OS2 works on your system: config.sys, startup.cmd, .INI files, Workplace Shell & WIN-OS/2 desktops, LAN definition files, and user defined files , are captures, validated, compressed, and stored in a single binary repository. These repositories can be restored at any time to reset your system to that configuration. Snapshot definitions even include commands to run automatically before making and/or after restoring the configuration.

Disk Space Requirements:

  • 10 MB for installation
  • 5 MB for component program files
  • At least 350 KB for Object Manager archive files. Exact amount depends upon the operating system
  • At least 550 KB for the Configuration Image Facility repositories


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Workplace Shell Extensions
- give you complete fingertip control over all operational characteristics, including object styles, menus, and ID's. You can even position icons with to-the-pixel accuracy, and make your desktop look exactly the way you want.

Desktop Archive Facility- the completely rewritten Desktop Archive Facility not only makes it possible to selectively backup, restore, and migrate desktop objects, but now it does so automatically! Desktops can re-synchronize in real-time with object archives stored on disk, LAN, or elsewhere!

Access Control Policy Facility- access to desktop resources, such as objects, windows, and workspaces can be authorized by the new modular Access Control Policy Facility, with all activities subject to auditing.

Workspace Facility- gives you the ability to define separate, named, PM work areas, each with its own windows, task list, desktop, context sensitive tools, and more! Simultaneously check e-mail in one, surf the Web in another, and work on multiple projects in others.

Other Features:

  • Pop-up command windows and tool bars
  • Window layouts
  • Programming API's
  • REXX enablement
  • Command line and graphical interfaces
  • Extensive on-line and hardcopy documentation
  • Year 2000 compliant

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