How to Use This Book

Chapter 1 provides brief introductions to each DeskMan/2 component, describes the improvements over DeskMan/2 version 1.x, and includes a glossary of terms and procedures.

Chapter 2 describes how to install, and remove if necessary, the DeskMan/2 family of products. CID (Configuration, Installation, and Distribution) installations are described for users wishing to install the DeskMan/2 components in a common configuration on more than one computer (in accordance with their licensing agreement). A sample network installation is described in Chapter 11.

Chapter 3 describes Access Control Objects and Policies, which help you control access to your objects and windows.

Chapter 4 describes how to configure and use PMImage and DM/2 Image to save and restore your computer's entire environment.

Chapter 5 describes how to configure and use the DeskMan/2 Object Manager, Black Hole, and Object Explorer, to save, restore, and manage your desktop objects and system settings. Chapter 5 also describes how to configure and use DeskMan/2's enhancements to the OS/2 LaunchPad.

Chapter 6 describes configuring and using the DeskMan/2 Workplace Shell Extensions to enhance the OS/2 Workplace Shell.

Chapter 7 describes how to configure and use VUEMan/2 to create and manage Workspaces, which are collections of windows.

Chapter 8 describes how to configure and use the DeskMan/2 Presentation Manager Extensions to enhance how your mouse and OS/2 Window List work, and how to configure and control access to individual windows.

Chapter 9 describes using the DeskMan/2 Command Line Interface to pass DeskMan/2 functions directly and indirectly to objects and their settings.

Chapter 10 provides examples of using many commonly used DeskMan/2 functions.

Chapter 11 describes a sample network installation, and can be used to help network administrators plan an implementation.

Chapter 12 provides assistance if you encounter difficulties as well as instructions on how to contact DevTech Technical Support.