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Download SiteSurfer v1.0 Preview

SiteSurfer 1.0 is shipping, and available for electronic sale from DevTech and several vendors. A Preview Edition is also available for download and evaluation. The Preview Edition contains all of the functionality of the SiteSurfer product with the following limitations:

  1. The Builder will process only up to the first 10 files or web pages.
  2. The SiteSurfer v1.0 applet will not load a Preview Edition index.
  3. The Preview Edition Applet will not load a SiteSurfer v1.0 index.
  4. The Preview Edition Applet will only load indexes from the local computer, not a website.
  5. The Preview Edition Applet may not be placed on a website or otherwise redistributed.
  6. The license to use the Preview Edition is good for 60 days.

We are eager to hear any problems you encounter, complaints on the way the product works, and suggestions of how to make SiteSurfer better. Please email

If you feel more comfortable discussing an issue in private, please email Additional contact information is available at on the DevTech Support page.

Please read the License Agreement before downloading the Preview Edition. The LICENSE file details the restrictions of the software and this preview program. You must read it and agree to its terms before installing or using the software.

The Preview Edition uses either InstallAnywhere 2.5 to make it easier to install and run SiteSurfer.

Select your target platform:

In case of Installer problems. Please report any problems with the Windows native and/or platform independent installers to us in the discussion area. If you do have problems, you can download a do-it-yourself .ZIP package (

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT users. You may download this self-installing executable (install.exe). When it is finished, you can install and run SiteSurfer just like any other Windows application. If you wish to install SiteSurfer with Sun Microsystem's Jave Runtime (JRE) v.1.1.7B included, you can use install_vm.exe, instead.

Nota Bene: Users who chose to use the Microsoft VM instead of a Sun Java VM are likely to need to upgrade to Microsoft's latest version.

Macintosh Users. You may download this self-installing executable (install.bin).

Nota Bene: You will need to install MRJ v2.1 Prerelease before installing SiteSurfer.

Other Java platform users. You may download this platform independent installation package ( After downloading the file, type:

If that doesn't work, try:

If that doesn't work either, on sh-like shells, try:

Or for csh-like shells, try

On some systems, the java runtime environment ("jre"), is named "java"; adjust the name accordingly for your system.

Nota Bene (OS/2 users): you may not be able to run the installer from a network drive. The solution is to copy to a local drive.

SiteSurfer is composed of two components. SiteSurfer Builder and the SiteSurfer applet. SiteSurfer Builder requires version 1.1.5 or higher of the Java JDK or JRE.

The SiteSurfer applet requires a Java 1.1-capable browser. This includes:

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