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The Switch Is On To Professional Open Source

When corporations and governments do turn to Open Source, they want to know that it is supported. They want something they can count on, not the latest download from someone whom no one has ever heard of, seen, or met; and who is never around when needed. That is where a respected company like DevTech comes in for the technologies we support. Our staff has been working with Open Source software since long before the term was coined --- over 20 years, for those keeping score --- and can help you reap all of the benefits of Open Source, plus customized support tailored to your specific needs.


Price may be a factor in choosing Open Source, but more than anything corporations and governments are starting to require that whatever software they use must support Open Standards. Open Standards are important to help avoid vendor lock-in, and ensure an infrastructure that can be sustained for decades. Open Standards mean that you ultimately have the freedom to effect your technological destiny. Simon Phipps, Chief Evangelist for Sun Microsystems, asserts that "freedom is tangible and valuable." He refers to the freedom to choose. And change your mind. And migrate. And federate. You, not a vendor, have control over your data.

You are no longer held hostage to someone else's idea of features, fixes, or timetable.

Open Doesn't Mean Free

One benefit to Open Source software development is that you pay only for whatever support and development you need to use the software to solve your specific needs. You get all of the benefits of the existing code, and concurrent contributions from others at no charge. In fact, because source contributed back to the host project is available for others to use, DevTech discounts services to those who permit the changes to be contributed to the host project.

"But We Have Developers"

DevTech is available in a mentoring role. We'll work with your staff to review the problem(s), devise and evaluate solutions, and help to implement them. All the while, we'll be bringing your team up to speed with what we know. Our goal is your increased self-reliance. We're not trying to make a career out of your project. We're just trying to help you for as long as you need us, whether it is a quick consult or a long-term project.

"We Want To Use A Non-Open Source Product"

Addressing our customers' needs is our priority. We're not looking to advance an agenda by pushing a solution that does not properly address your needs. We have extensive experience with many closed source solutions, including administration and developer experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Portal Server, Rational Development Tools, and more.

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