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SiteSurfer is DevTech's Information Navigation and Search tool for web sites, networks, and local files. SiteSurfer provides easy to use, yet powerful, searching and navigation capabilities for web sites and other information. People are able to move around web sites and locate information faster and easier than ever before. SiteSurfer is used by individuals who want to find information quickly or rapidly navigate through complex sites; and by information providers who wish to provide these capabilities to their own users.
Written in Java for portability to any platform, SiteSurfer requires neither special knowledge on your part, nor special capabilities, such as CGI, ASP, or JSP. If you have access to a web site, you can use SiteSurfer. If you have information stored on a network, you can use SiteSurfer. And yet, SiteSurfer does not skimp on functionality. If you want more advanced features, you've got them.
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DeskMan/2 is our award winning desktop management suite for OS/2®. This release incorporates powerful new features, such as the MultiDesk Personal Desktop Facility, user defined Workspaces, live desktop synchronization and more, all seamlessly integrated into OS/2. DeskMan/2 continues to provide OS/2's most powerful, flexible and easy to use environment.

Whether you need to enhance your productivity, manage & secure thousands of desktops (or just one), or complete any of a million other daily tasks, DevTech has your solution, and the service to back it up.
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